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The smart way to start up a business

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Documents within 24 hours

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Documents for your founding within 24 hours

Found your business on our online platform and receive the important documents within one business day.

With our customized online platform, you can establish your company at any time (24/7) and from anywhere in the world. You will receive the necessary documents for the founding of your company within 24 hours on working days.

With STARTUPS.IT you can start your business online, quick and simple! Therefore, concentrate on your business idea and let STARTUPS.IT deal with all administrative challenges to achieve your dream to dive into the professional independence!


Here is an indicative overview of the time required for the foundation of your company:



Duration with STARTUPS.IT

1. Choosing the right legal 

15-60 minutes (during a personal consultation)

2. Preparation of documents for the founding

Max. 24 hours (on working days)

3. Confirmation of the payment of capital

ca. 1-3 days

4. Certifying documents for the constitution with a notary

ca. 1-2 days

5. Registration at Registro Imprese (commercial register) and verification of the correctness

ca. 2-5 days

Total duration

ca. 4-11 days