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The smart way to start up a business

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Set up your Business Simple, Fast and Online!

STARTUPS.IT is the Italian branch of STARTUPS.CH, the market leader in Switzerland for online company foundations. We have a wide experience and a team of lawyers, trustees and business consultants. 

A Brief Overview of STARTUPS.CH

STARTUPS.CH you can set up your own company in Switzerland. We provide you consultants in more than 20 offices in many different places around Switzerland. Benefit from our experience gained from more than 10'000 foundings!


STARTUPS.IT provides comprehenisve advice and helps entrepreneurs before, during and after the establishment of their businesses. You can fully benefit from our comprehensive advice on all areas regarding the establishment of a company. We will help you to clarify specific issues regarding the business design and find the optimal solution for your commercial idea. Do you have questions about the value added tax or regarding the legal form of your company? STARTUPS.IT will clarify all your recent doubts!


Thanks to the numerous constitutions assisted we have acquired a great experience in the startup industry and the related consultancy services. In recent years, we have built a wealth of experience and a wide network of contacts that we would like to share with you. We are aware about the typical mistakes of young entrepreneurs and therefore we know what is especially important during the startup process. This allows you to learn from the mistakes of others!