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personal consultation

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Free personal consultation

During a first free personal consultation about your company formation we can respond individually to all of your questions and talk about your needs. Thanks to the variety of our experts we can assist you in any case.

The team of STARTUPS.IT offers comprehensive advice and supports you before, during and after the establishment of your business. You can fully benefit from our advice, since we will advise comprehensively on all areas of personal interest and on site. We will help to clarify specific issues regarding your business design and find the optimal solution for your commercial idea. Do you have questions about value added taxes or the name of your firm? STARTUPS.IT can also help to clarify these recent doubts.

For our counseling sessions we established a tariff depending on the issues you want to discuss. The first advice regarding the formation of your company is free and will touch various issues such as the choice of the legal form, the name of the company, the business set-up and other aspects related to the start of your own business.

In addition we also offer advice on the drafting of a business plan and the development of your business strategy. This type of advice has a cost of EUR 100 / hour.

Arrange now an appointment with one of our experts in the Milan office! Select the day and time you prefer and click on it, enter your data and we can start together.

Consulting session for the creation of your company



Consultancy for the development of a winning business plan


100 EUR* / hour

During this initial consultation session we will clarify your doubts about the set up of your company. The topics covered during this type of consultation are the following:


  • Discussion of your business idea
  • Selection of the appropriate legal form
  • Timing of the constitution
  • Additional services for the best start

During this type of advice our experts evaluate your business plan trying to optimize it. We offer valuable support for the planning of your business project. The main topics covered are as follows:

  • Content (quality and quantity)
  • Structure
  • Business strategy


*VAT excluded