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Limited Partnership (società in accomandata semplice)

The limited partnership is very similar to the general partnership, but it allows you to participate as limited partners and to respond limited to the social obligations in the amount of the contribution made.


Main purpose: Suitable for small businesses with more than one partner, and with a strong personal connotation (Paint shop, small IT companies, etc.). It can be formed by natural persons. There are two categories of members: the limited partners, which respond in a limited way depending to the contributions made but not administer the company, and the general partners, who manage the company, but are jointly liable for the social obligations.
Requirements: No minimal capital required
Number of persons: At least two individuals, of which at least one limited partner and at least a general partner
  • No minimum capital
  • Limited liability of the limited partners
  • Little regulation
  • Low costs
  • Joint and several liability of the general partners