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Insurances back you up when unexpected costs occur and help minimalize your risks. If you chose the right insurances they will prevent you from going bankrupt. Insurances cover you from risks and potential damages. There are two types of insurances: mandatory and optional insurances.

 Mandatory Insurances 

INPS (National Institute for Social Security)

The National Institute for Social Security (Istituto nazionale per la Previdenza Sociale; INPS) is the main Italian insurance institution at which all employees in the private sector must be insured.


INAIL (National Insurance Institute for Employment Injuries)

The National Institute for Insurance against Accidents at Work (Istituto Nazionale Assicurazione contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro; INAIL) is a public non-economic institution in charge of protecting from an insurance point of view all workers, employees or self-employed individuals, in the event of accidents at work. The INAIL is required depending on the type of activity that the company carries out or from the moment it hires employees or contractors.


Professional Liability

With the Professional Liability policy (polizza Responsabilità Civile professionale), freelancers protect their assets from claims of third parties. In fact all professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, doctors, architects, surveyors and experts, that subsribe a Professional Liability policy, will be protected and secured from damage claimed to derive from errors, omissions, professional negligence and contractual liability caused to third parties, including customers.



Optional insurances

Property Insurance

In modo da non rimanere a mani vuote in caso di danno, l'assicurazione di cose assume l’ammanco materiale, l’ammanco di reddito, le spese supplementari ed i costi di sgombero e di smaltimento. In caso di danni la vostra assicurazione di cose risarcirà per gli articoli e le attrezzature danneggiate.


To protect yourself in case of damage, the property insurance responds in case of a material shortfall, the shortfall of income, additional costs and clearing or disposal costs. In case of damage your insurance will compensate for the items and damaged equipment.


Vehicle Insurance

With a vehicle insurance you can protect yourself in case of damage and consequent claims resulting from a vehicle in your company fleet.


Professional Liability Insurance

Should financial losses at your customers arise that are due to you or your employees, this insurance covers for you.


Product Liability Insurance


The product liability insurance covers the claims for justified damages due to your products and rejects all other claims. Normally there is a distinction of the following four risks:


  • Investment Risk: As an owner of land, buildings or equipment you are responsible for everything that happens on your property.
  • Professional / Business Risk: As entrepreneurs you are responsible for your profession and for the actions of your employees, as well as the omission of important business measures.
  • Product Risk: As a manufacturer, you are responsible for the manufactured products until they reach the consumer.
  • Environmental Risk: Entrepreneurs are responsible for the environmental damage of their company.



Legal Expenses Insurance

Through the legal expenses insurance you can save your time and effort. Both in disputes against the lessor or if your insurance does not pay as stipulated in the contract or if, after an accident, the responsible driver denies his guilt. The legal expenses insurance provides comprehensive protection and can be appropriate to the risks of your business through core and complementary modules.


As with your contracts, when taking out an insurance it is important to consider your individual necessities (e.g. amount of coverage).


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