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Developing a Business Strategy

Having a good idea is not enough. You need to develop a business strategy if you want to be successful. Alexander Osterwalder has invented a model that helps you to develop your business idea – the business model of canvas.

Alexander Osterwalder invented a model to help develop innovative business ideas. This model includes nine different sections of a business that require focus. These nine canvases are:

  • Key Partners
  • Key Activities
  • Key Resources
  • Value Propositions
  • Customer Relationships
  • Channels
  • Customer Segments
  • Cost Structure
  • Revenue Streams

All of these nine points need to be treated when developing your business model.

Below is an overview of the business model canvas. It is helpful to write your ideas on Post-Its and stick them on the corresponding section.

geschaeftstrategie en

For more information on the Business Model Canvas we suggest reading Alexander Osterwalders book „Business Model Generation“.


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