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The smart way to start up a business

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Steps of Founding a Company 

Here is a list of the steps to establish your own start-up. We also want to show you how STARTUPS.CH can help you to found your company. In addition we want to give you a brief overview of the duration of each step.

The undertaking of turning a business idea into ownership of a business is a long, but manageable process. Aside from the will and motivation that is required of a company founder, the following formal steps are needed to start.

1. Idea

A convincing business idea is the basis for almost every successful company launch. The idea may be innovative in that it envisions a product or service that does not yet exist. It is also possible that the idea simply takes an already existing product or service and improves it.

2. Choice of the correct legal form

The choice of the appropriate legal form depends on the following factors:

  • Number of people participating in the company
  • Required initial capital
  • Desired responsibility (personal or limited to the corporate assets)
  • External image (for example with a S.r.l. you will appear more credible to banks or other partners in general)

During a personal interview and according to your needs, STARTUPS.IT will be able to advise on the appropriate legal form for your business and will explain the different features.

3. Implementation / Drafting of Documents

The implementation begins with the creation of all necessary documents (for the public act, the issue of VAT and the tax code). The lawyer in charge of STARTUPS.IT will take care of this.

4. Confirmation of the payment of share capital

In order to achieve the establishment of the company we need a confirmation of the payment of the share capital (for corporations).

To obtain this confirmation of payment of the capital, you have to pay the company's capital to an Italian bank. The bank will issue a certificate of payment.

Other forms of payment, e.g. via bank checks are allowed.

5. Authentication of the constitution document trough a notary

For corporations and branches you need a public notary act. After that you will be requested to enroll electronically the company at the Registro Imprese (the Register of Companies) stating the VAT number and the firm's tax code.

STARTUPS.IT will coordinate all these tasks for you!


6. Registration in the Registro Imprese / control the issued extract 

Once you accomplished the electronic filing and after the acts were examined, the Registro Imprese shall register your company. At this point a business profile (visura camerale) becomes available, in which you will find the most important information about the company. STARTUPS.IT verifies the accuracy of this registration.

From that moment on, the company is registered and is ready to take off!

By clicking the button below you can easily calculate an offer for the foundation of your company. You can register as a user and then enter the data of your company online. This procedure takes 15 minutes. After you entered the requested information, a jurist of STARTUPS.IT will check your data and contact you by telephone. Within 24 hours (on working days) you will receive by e-mail all the relevant documents for the foundation.


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