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The smart way to start up a business

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Checklist to become your own boss

Check our checklist so you do not lose sight of the most important points to consider before, during and after the foundation.


  • First draft of a business plan
  • First market analysis
  • Definition of the target market
  • Determining the appropriate legal form
  • Clarify your company name
  • Choose the company headquarter
  • Determine the capital requirements
  • Determine the corporate management (who does what?)
  • Reserving the domain for the website
  • Evtl. arrange a personal consultation with STARTUPS.IT
  • Evtl. visit one of our courses


  • Study the various analyzes done before the foundation (market, customer, competition)
  • Start with the detailed financial planning
  • Design your website
  • Complete your business plan
  • Determine your target customers
  • Begin to develop an advertising concept
  • Create the logo for the header of your correspondence (letters, envelopes, etc.)
  • Check the documentation required for the activation of current bank accounts or telephone contracts


  • Look for an accountant and an accounting software
  • Communication to INPS (National Social Security Institute) and INAIL (National Institute for Employment Insuries) 
  • Verify the tax compliance
  • Evtl. communication to the municipality
  • Verify which insurance you need
  • Determine the business organization
  • Opening of bank accounts
  • Set up connection to the Internet and mobile/fixed telephone network 
  • Evtl. organize a terminal for payments by credit/debit card (POS)
  • Evtl. subscribe to a system for the solvency of potential new clients


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