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Drawing up of Contracts


In addition to setting up the documents for the company establishment itself, often several other contracts are required. Contact us to arrange a personal consultation so that we can show you our offer. All documents are prepared by our experts and meet the latest regulations. Our offer includes the following contracts:

Privacy Pact From EUR 190.— (VAT included)

Employment contract or verbal of the assignment for the administrator

From EUR 290.— (VAT included)
Shareholders Agreement

From EUR 390.— (VAT included)

Brand registration From EUR 390.— (VAT included, registration fees excluded)
Terms and conditions From EUR 490.— (VAT included)

If you think you need different or other documents you may appreciate the convenient packages offered by STARTUPS.IT: (include taxes and related costs)

Package “Ready to go” Employment contract + Terms and conditions

From EUR 690.—

(instead of EUR 780)

Package “Safe start” Brand registration + Terms and conditions

From EUR 790.—

(instead of EUR 880)

Package “Best start” Employment contract + Brand registration + Terms and condition

From EUR 990.—

(instead of EUR 1'170)

Do not bother to contact our consultants which will help you to prepare the documents you require.


Arrange a personal consultation!