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Company formation

We remind you that the first consultation to establish your company is free. Take the chance and arrange a personal consultation with one of our experts so that you can take a proper decision on the legal form.

Our experts will assist you to set up the following legal forms. Click on the legal form that interests you most, and calculate a non-binding and personalized offer:

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

EUR 2'250.— 

(VAT and registration fees included)

LLC with min. capital requirements

EUR 2'250.— 

(VAT and registration fees included)

Simplified LLC

EUR 1'250.— 

(VAT and registration fees included)

Branch / Secondary Office

EUR 1'950.— 

(VAT and registration fees included)

Sole Proprietorship

EUR 250.— 

(VAT included, registration fees excluded)

ATTENTION: Please note that the listed rates must be paid in advance. In case of non-payment, STARTUPS.IT will not begin with the service delivery. In case of cancellation of the services requested after the conclusion of the order online, the customer will be charged for a reimbursement of EUR 250.- (excluding VAT).