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The smart way to start up a business

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Our Services

Choose the STARTUPS.IT services and transform your commercial idea into a successful business. 

Our team offers comprehensive advice and support before, during and after the formation of your business. You can fully benefit from our advice, since since our recommendations will be comprehensively on all areas of your interest. We will help to clarify specific issues regarding the business design and find the optimal solution that fits your needs. With STARTUPS.IT you can take advantage of the following services:

Company formation:

You should rely on our experts to set up your company. STARTUPS.IT helps new entrepreneurs and during the process of formation and found their companies. It also assumes all their cumbersome administrative tasks and allows them to focus 100% on the set-up of their business.


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Additional legal services:

Every company needs a number of important documents, such as the employment contract or a shareholders' agreement. Moreover, you often have also to consider a registration of your trademark or brand and other actions. STARTUPS.IT can support you also in this area. Rummage in our section dedicated to the additional legal services and find out what kind of documentation you need.


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Development of a winning business plan:

During the first years of activity, entrepreneurs often experience difficulties related to an initial bad or absent planning (lack of a business plan or a bad structured and not realistic business plan). Accurate initial planning helps you to predict how to start, sustain and effectively develop your business idea in the first years of life. Our consultants offer consulting services that allows you to structure in the best possible way your business idea. So, if you think you need support for the creation of an effective business plan, do not hesitate to arrange a personal consultation with STARTUPS.IT!


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