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The smart way to start up a business

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Here you can find informations about the management of our company. Your comments and suggestions are always welcome!

Michele Blasucci

Founder and president of the Executive Board


After Michele Blasucci completed his bank training and adult night college, he went to study law at the University of St. Gallen (HSG). Already during his studies Michele built up the revision company BKK Audit AG and the fiduciary company Findea AG. After graduating form the HSG Michele relocated both companies to Winterthur where he in the summer of 2005 then launched the company founding platform STARTUPS.CH AG. STARTUPS.CH advanced quickly to be the leading company founding platform in Switzerland. Since September 2014 Michele Blasucci is the head of the NEXUS AG, the mother company to Findea AG, STARTUPS.CH AG, Websoft AG and