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The smart way to start up a business

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STARTUPS.IT stems from the success in Switzerland and other parts of the world of the market leading online platform for company establishment STARTUPS.CH.

STARTUPS.CH was founded in 2005 and has rapidly spread out through Switzerland. It is the perfect example of a successful start-up!

STARTUPS.CH, the public limited company with headquarters in Winterthur and branches in Geneva and Lugano was founded in 2005, and has operated the online information and company foundation platform since October 2005. The company is fully owned by the Nexus Ltd. (

Since its incorporation, over 10‘000 young businesses have been successfully founded through STARTUPS.CH. Eight employees work at our headquarters in Winterthur and one in each branch in Geneva and Lugano. STARTUPS.CH is represented in 20 different locations all over Switzerland, where STARTUPS.CH customers get advised and supported in the national languages as well as English.

STARTUPS.CH sees itself as a holistic consulting company. Apart from consulting activities, STARTUPS.CH offers trust services, tax consulting, trademark protection, legal services, and practical entrepreneurial schooling. Furthermore, STARTUPS.CH holds the annual Swiss Startups Awards.