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Terms & Conditions


Scope of application
These terms and conditions govern every use of the website and its constituent pages (hereinafter referred to as "website") as well as the legal relationship between the client and the operator of the website ("operator": STARTUPS.IT Ltd. based in Winterthur).

If the client makes use of a password to access the website or if he/she submits his/her email address, he/she is responsible for keeping it for its accuracy.

The client shall guarantee that the content of the data that he/she transmits to the operator is accurate, that it is in accordance with the law and the rights of third parties and that it does not offend common decency.

Conclusion of the contract
The contract between the client and the operator for the formation/transformation of a legal structure is concluded when the client places the order. By transmitting the previously recorded business data, the order is placed and the contract is binding.

The cost of formation will be reduced as mentioned on the website if the client does conclude a/several valid contract/s with a partner. The bill which the client receives from the operator is to be paid within ten days. After that, the client is charged an interest rate of 5 % p.a.
The operator reserves the right to refuse an application for a formation/transformation without stating the reasons. Every client is obliged to exempt the operator from all liability and obligation and to pay for (additional) expenses that incur from the client transmitting incorrect data, cancelling orders or delaying the process of formation (e.g. not sending back documents).

The operator shall not guarantee the correctness, completeness, reliability or quality of the published or transmitted contents. Liability claims against the operator that result from using or not using the presented information or from using incorrect or incomplete information are excluded.

Agents / partners
The client shall take into account that the agents and partners work independently from the operator are in no way the operator's auxiliary person/agent/associate. The conclusion of contracts between the client and the agents or partners is to be treated independently from the operator. The operator cannot be held liable for acting contrary to duty / nor for the default in performance of the agents or partners.

The operator shall not be liable for direct or indirect hyperlinks to external websites. The operator has no influence whatsoever on the linked pages. Only the operator of the linked pages shall be held liable for illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and, in particular, for damages that result from using or not using this information.

Exclusion of liability
The operator shall only be liable for damages resulting from accessing his website (particularly for failures, interruptions and malfunctions) if the client can prove gross negligence. The operator shall not be liable for reduced quality of access to the services of STARTUPS.IT in the case of force majeure or events that are out of the operator's control, in particular in the event of communication network failures.
The opening of files is at the risk of the client. The operator shall not guarantee that the files are virus-free or that they cannot cause damages on the client's computer.
The information published on the website does not constitute either an invitation, an offer or a recommendation to invest money in a company or to make any other investments.


Original Text

This is a translation of the German general terms and conditions of STARTUPS.IT.


Last update 10.02.2015